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LED wireless solutions
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    With the development of scientific and times LED display was more widely used in our life. Such as car display, advertising screen, meteorological screen, highway screen, etc., As this screens Widely distributed, Huge quantities and difficult in wiring, Our company successfully developed the LED display wireless control system solutions based on GPRS to solve these problems. Once user's computer access to the Internet, you will find the control card which on the GPRS network so that you can send program to this display screen. Solving long-distance transmission achieving anywhere in control.

    Wireless control structure diagram:


    Lumen wireless control system easy to achieve wireless control, widely used in car display, advertising screen, meteorological screen, highway screen.


    Wireless information publish platform features:
    ◆    Easy to professionally operate and conviniently manage

    ◆    Stable Transmission,High Reliability

    ◆    Support transmit words,picture,animation and etc program information

    ◆    Cluster management,control and manage the display through sending separately,mass sending,sending with different groups no limitation on distance,wide range of application

    ◆    If the terminal device is off line,when it is on line again it

    ◆    Can continue to transmit, that makes it save online traffic

    ◆    GPS sychronous, send to multiple terminal device once a time, makes

    ◆    It realize the mass sending and display sychronously

    ◆    Powerful playing schedule and set-time broadcasting management, instant message insert and etc. function

    ◆    Timing swith function for the display