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Professional LED control supporting software

【Product introduction】

LedCenterM  is a professional LED control system supporting software and can support Lumen LED control system (Aniview series, C-Power series ,and etc.).

LedCenterM is one of the most excellent LED control software in the market. 

LedCenterM is a control software with a high-class human-computer interface, convenient operation and powerful functions. Operators can easily edit professional programs which include multiple windows, various file format (picture, animation, text and their combination), various display effects, etc., and manage the led screen. 

LedCenterM software can support almost LED control system from the high end to the low end produced by Lumen Electronics, which is similar in operation style and convenient in use. 

LedCenterM is a software in multiple languages and each language can be switched freely. 

    The new version of LedCenter software has been optimizing its operations according to customer’s experience and suggestions. It can not only support LuMen’s newly-developed products, but also continually upgrade the extra value of the old ones.


Version and download

New version:



Newest version of LedCenterM. Supporting all of C-Power new platform family.
Improve text layout functions and other new features.


To support video program(C-Power5200),the computer should install video decoder first:Part1 Part2 Part 3 Part4 Part5 Part6
New software manual for 5.0  (click to download)
UpdateUpdate history

 Old version:


LedCenterM V4.3  (click to download) 


C-Power5200 full-color gray-scale  controller
C-Power4200 large size controller
C-Power3200 animation and graphic controller 
C-Power2200 animation and graphic controller
C-Power1200 nimation and bar-style controller
C-Power5000 ( DS06T)&4000
AniView2000 (DS06L-S)
AniView1000 (DS06L-M)
AniView3000 (DS06Q)


Old version, support C-Power and Aniview series.
Notice: AniView series are last generation products, they are replaced by C-Power series.


To support video program(C-Power5200),the computer should install video decoder first:Part1 Part2 Part 3 Part4 Part5 Part6

C-Power series
AniView1000 / 2000


【Software functions and features】 
Main functions:

Program related operations: program definition, setting of program window layout, programs (such as text, clock and picture) editing, program preview and adjustment, program sending and etc.

Setting function: led screen definition, automatic tasks management, time setting and communication ports setting and etc.

Support to send the program data via network or serial port. Support to send to USB disk, transfer the program data via USB flash disk.

Integrated GPRS/CDMA wireless management functions, which is easy to achieve the GPRS/CDMA remote screen control.

 Main features:

With clear and simple interfaces, non-professionals can easily make, play and control programs.

Software menu is easy and reasonable, which avoids error operations. 

With hierarchical management of programs in menu type so as to keep clear structure and convenient maintenance.

Supports English, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional) operation interface. Each language can be freely switched. Supply language source development package, customer can change the software's interface to any language.

C-Power5200, C-Power4200, C-Power3200, C-Power2200, C-Power1200 supports the free segmentation of playing windows (ten at most) and the playing windows are played in different modes.

Support various program types, such as video (C-Power5200), flash(SWF), animation (GIF), picture, clock, text, etc.  

Supports text program which is edited in any language, any font and any size.

Supports word library text program. The card can be stored different fond library and can be changed free, such as English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese, Korean and etc.,

Transparent text and clock program can be edit to cover photo.

More than 60 effects for text and picture, such as: snow fall, mosaic, slide zebra, fan open and etc.,

Supports RTC management and settings,  support analogue clock and transparent display.

In networking mode, up to 256 LED screens can be networked and managed.

Integrated GPRS/CDMA wireless management functions, which is easy to achieve the GPRS/CDMA remote screen control.

With multi-program mode. 512 programs can be stored on control panel.

Programs are allowed to be played according to the designated time.

Support external control protocol, which allows user’s software to select the program and arrange the playing order through serial port command.

Supports program spot.

Supports temperature program playing.

Supports multiple adjustment modes such as manual, timing or automatic adjustment (light sensor shall be installed externally).