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C-Power8200 Asynchronous and Synchronous Video Control Card

powerful function, high refresh, high gray; with extremely high price performance and strong market competitiveness

[product profile]

C-Power8200 is a new generation of full color video control card released by Shenzhen Luminant Electronics Co., Ltd.
C-Power8200 has powerful function, high refresh, high gray; has a very high performance and price ratio and strong market competitiveness!
C-Power8200 Full-color video control card, asynchronous and synchronous mode switching freely, easy to set up a variety of LED displays!

[product functional specification]

control area

(full colour, single / double color)

Maximum 920000 pixels, 1280*720, 1024*900.


Standard board load byte 8GB (Gbit), in which program space 6G bytes.

contents supported

Pad/ mobile phone APP wireless control directly . program on demand, pause, synchronous editing, synchronous preview, etc., can also set screen parameters to support high-definition video program hardware decoding, stereo audio output support text, etc. Clock, temperature / humidity transparent superposition display support external HDMI signal input, can be directly connected to the computer, STB 1080P synchronous display

Windowing mode

Each program supports a maximum of 10 playing windows for arbitrary segmentation, and each window supports simultaneous playback of content in different formats

Subsidiary function

Real-time clock RTC management and setting on board. Analog clock, digital clock, transparent display

Support for environmental data programs such as temperature

Support brightness sensor (achive automatic adjustment of 32 level brightness)

On-board optional font

128MB font and system space

Optional loading 16 x16, 24 x 24, 32x32, 40 x 40, 48x 48, 56 x 56, etc. (Chinese simplified, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)

Font library, which can be edited by the customer; supports a font library with up to 8 different fonts built in and displayed at the same time

Support for Hong Kong supplementary character fonts, Hindi

Standard software

 Ipad/ mobile APP

communication mode

Standard TCP/IP Network, WIFI,pad/ Mobile APP Directly Wireless Control