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C-Power7200 video controller

Asynchronous video controller Maxim 640*480 pixels,256~64K grey scale,ultra high refresh rate high fidelity stereo audio output

【Product Introduction】

C-Power7200 is a absolutly asynchronous video controller. 

C-Power7200 use newest high performance CPU with high speed DDR3 RAM. Maxim 640×480 pixels,Support multi mainstream video file type, such as MP4. AVI, MEPG and etc.;hardware decode,high fidelity stereo audio output

C-Power7200 256 ~ 64 k gray-scale intelligent optional,ultra high refresh rate

C-Power7200 supportintelligent parameter setting , easily set all kinds of LED display

【Feature and Specification】

Control size
  Maxim  640×480 pixels
 Note:each main board can work with at most 254 pieces of scan boards;the more scan boards,the refresh rate is higher, the display effect will be better
Grey scale256~64K-grade grey scales
Standard version: 256MBytes, 4GBytes,  8GBytes
can store several movie programs


Multi mainstream video file type, such as MP4. AVI, MEPG and etc.; hardware decode

Supports animation(swf,gif) , picture, text, clock, temperature, etc. 

Text program edit in any language, any font and any size, free adjust
 Transparent text and clock program can be edit to cover photo or video
More than 60 effects for text and picture, such as: snow fall, mosaic, slide zebra, fan open and etc.,

With multi-program mode. Stores up to 512 programs to the Led screen.  

With hierarchical management of programs in menu type so as to keep clear structure and convenient maintenance. 

Supports programs played at the appointed period (for example: week, hour, minute )

Separate window mode

Supports the segmentation of up to ten playing windows for each program. Supports playing the content in different formats for each playing window.

Affiliated features

With real-time clock (RTC) management and setting, support digital and analogue clock. 

Supports environmental data programs like temperature, etc. 

 Supports sensors installed externally (32-grade brightness)

Font library128MB font library space
The card can be stored multi different font library and can be changed free, such as English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese, Korean and etc.,

Up to 8 different font libraries can be stored and displayed at the same time
We supply font library edit tools and update tools

Standard software

LedCenter V5.2.0 or above

Standard communication mode

TCP/IP network interface: 10M/100M adaptive

USB interface:  support to update data by USB flash disk
RS232/RS485 : maximum baud rate: 115200

Support LED module Intelligent setting tool to support almost for any indoor or outdoor LED screens
InDa remote & keyboard
Program list edit and display control by infrared controller or keyboard

External communication components

Supports various wireless communication modes: GPRS/CDMA, ZigBee, RF...


Provides customized development interface and its manual. 

Provides demonstration program and source code forcustomized development 

Besides, provides “Wireless information issue” version.


【Relevant Download】


 LedCenterM  sotware (click to enter) 

LedCenter  is a professional LED control system supporting software and can support Lumen LED control system
To support AVI video, the decoder should be installed on the computer first.

Operation manual

1.Software operation manual 
      manual of LedCenterM V5.0.6:  click to download
2. IrDa remoter control manual click to download 
1.Software operation manual
2. IrDa remoter control manual

Tools and handbook

Installation handbook  click to download  

2. Schematic diagram for installation of the card
               Main board: click to download  
               Scan board : click to download        

1. Hardware installation and debugging handbook for engineers.    

2. Schematic diagram for layout, size and installation position of the ANVB3S CPU card.

Interface handbook for customized development

 API and manuals  click to download

DLL and interface handbook for customized development

Demo program and source code for customized development

 DLL development package click to download

It includes demo program and source codes for customized development.

 External protocol

External communication protocol click to download External calls communication protocol

  Plug board and gusset plate (for the red one, we  provide the gusset plate.)

KB02 plug board CAM file click to download
KB20 plug board CAM file click to download
KB21 plug board CAM file click to download
KB22 plug board CAM file click to download
KB23 plug board CAM file click to download
KB13 plug board CAM file click to download
KB02 interface:(full collor and static)
R1 B1 R2 B2  N   N   N  N 16
1 R1 G1 R2 G2 CK LD OE N 15
KB20 interface:(full collor or RG, the "B2" should change to "D" , when 1/16 scan mode)
2 A B  C B2 G1 G2 LD CK 16
1 N N B1 OE R1 R2  N  N  15
KB21 interface
2 G1 N  G2 N  B N  LD  N 16
1 R1 B1 R2 B2 A C CK OE 15
KB22 interface
N  N  NC B1 N  N N D 16
1 CK LD R1 G1 OE A B C 15
KB23 interface
2 G1 R2 B2 G3 R4 B4 A C LD N   20
1 R1 B1 G2 R3 B3 G4 N B CK OE 19
KB13 interface:(RG only)
OE R1 R2 G1 G2 CK LD N 16
A    B   C  D   OE  N  N   N 15


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