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Lumen controllers' Q&A-How to change C-Power controller's IP address

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 Lumen controllers' Q&A-How to change C-Power controller's IP address(click to download

Most of the C-Power series controllers can equipped network board to support communicate with the computer via network, the default IP address of the controllers are “”, how to change the controller’s IP address? Please follow the next steps:

1.       Enter LedTool”,Click “Tools”-“Ledtool”-“C-Powerxxxx” on the menu:



2.       Select the communication mode, click  

 If you connecting the controller via serial port, select “RS232/485” page and select the computer’s COM port:

If you connecting the controller via network, select “Network” page and input the network parameters of the card(you should know the card’s IP address and other network parameters):

3.       Press “READ” button, it the communication well, you can read the hardware parameter’s of the card successfully:       

4.   Press “Advance”, the password is “26888”, and the you can change the IP address of the card:        


5.       Press “Write” button to writhe the new parameters into the controller. You can “Read” again to check and confirm the controller has been changed successfully.

6.       After change the controller’s IP address, the controller should be re-power-on to effect the changing.